By 2020

"Employment in all computer occupations is expected to increase by 22% in the United States"


"Of children in the United States entering primary schools today will likely work in roles that don’t currently exist."

"Whether your business is a small company or a global corporation, how you use technology to improve your company is an indicator of the future of your business—or if it even has a future."

SmartTech magazines highlights the evolution of the tech world and how we know it today. Contents include a focus on Online health care, Black Swan tech-events, Fiber Optic Broadband, and how to talk tech like a pro.

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Kevin Schoen


Life of a Technologist


  • MicroMentor

    For Entrepreneurs: Grow a business and get advice from an expert in our free community of mentors.

    For Mentors: Start a conversation and share your unique expertise with our free community of entrepreneurs.

    For Corporations: Engage your corporate volunteers with powerful, one-on-one small business mentoring.

    For Government: Create a custom mentoring solution for your City, State, Country or SBDC network.


    Levels: Entry, Intermediate, Advanced

    Tech: Networking


  • Mid-Michigan Business Intelligence, Data Analytics / Visualization

    A group in the mid-Michigan area that focuses on Business Intelligence and Data Analytics / Visualization. This is a fast-moving area that includes some technologies, products, and an almost infinite number of approaches that will be shared with new members.


    Levels: Intermediate, Advanced

    Tech: Skills


  • Mid-Michigan Agile Group

    A community of practice for agile enthusiasts and practitioners who meet regularly in order to share and discuss the agile process, attitude, and approach in our workplace, home, and/or other activities.


    Levels: Intermediate, Advanced

    Tech: Networking


  • The Lansing Javascript Meetup

    A group dedicated to growing the Javascript and startup community in the Mid-Michigan area. Meetups try to include stuff for beginners, as well as more advanced topics for experienced developers.


    Levels: Entry, Intermediate, Advanced

    Tech: Skills


  • High School Engineering Institute (HSEI)

    Students spend a week exploring engineering through lecture, lab and design sessions run by faculty and student assistants from our various programs. Special sessions are also presented on diversity, cooperative education, and international education opportunities.


    Levels: Entry, Intermediate

    Tech: Skills/Networking


  • West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology

    The WMCAT Adult Career Training program offers under and unemployed men and women the opportunity to learn a new career, while growing personally and professionally. The small class sizes, deep impact, and extra services move adults toward new careers in the medical coding, medical billing and pharmacy technician fields. These are careers that pay living wages, may offer benefits, and provide opportunity for career advancement.


    Levels: Entry, Intermediate

    Tech: Skills/Networking


  • Grand Circus Coding Bootcamp

    Grand Circus vets and trains Detroiters in the skills businesses need to grow, and then they introduce them to companies needing talent. Their bootcamps are intensive learning experiences that emphasize workplace needs like teamwork, paired programming, and cutting-edge technical skills.


    Levels: Entry, Intermediate

    Tech: Skills/Networking


  • 2020 Girls ITEC

    Inspiring girls to pursue studies and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is critical to the Lansing area. 2020 Girls Clubs prepare middle school girls (ages 9–13) for success in the year 2020 and beyond. The girls will hone existing skills, and put their theoretical knowledge into immediate practice in the following areas:

    • App Design
    • Scratch
    • LEGO Robotics
    • The Science & Art of Game Design


    Levels: Entry, Intermediate

    Tech: Skills



WANTed: Cloud capacity managers

More than 90% of U.S companies are using some form of cloud computing. Most of these companies are expected to begin operating in a hybrid manner of switching between private and public clouds. This system is going to require experts in the area that can develop techniques to make this switch as seamless as possible for users.

These are spotlights of a few ACD employees that climbed from the bottom to the top

A look into the Life of a technologist



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